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From concept to handing you the keys to your new home, let's chat!

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Contact us about getting started!

If you've been thinking about starting your building journey, and need some advice on costs or where to start, then give us a call or get in contact with our team and we can help guide you in the right direction and get started towards your dream home. 

The design of your house is arguably the most important stage for anyone building their new home. Designing your new home can be a tricky process to navigate and can become more expensive than it needs to be. At ReliaBuilder we give you advice on what to expect when it comes to costs, timeframes and regulations so you can be well informed before starting your building journey. 

We understand that the design process is an inherently personal stage of building. Its not just building a house its building a home that works for you. This is why we work to best understand you and your needs, what sort of lifestyle you lead and your plans for the future. 


Designing with you

What to look for when building your first home

When it comes to building your first home it can be a daunting task approaching professionals without understanding when the costs start and where they finish. It is important to understand that as designers and builders we want to make your journey as stress-free as possible whilst delivering the best quality building solutions to meet your needs.


Here are 3 key things to consider before starting building


1. Plan for the future 

If you're building a home then it's likely that factors in your life are going to evolve and change whilst you live in your home. Your home needs to be a place that can grow with you whilst suiting your current living situation. 

2. Understand your budget 

Building your first home is obviously a huge expense and it's important to research and plan for what various costs are. When building your home costs are unfortanltey never set in stone for a variety of different reasons such as bad weather, design changes and material costs. 

3.  Timeframes are Guidelines 

As much as we endeavour to deliver our services on time, some factors are simply out of our control. With the pandemic has come a large amount of supply issues and the nature of working outdoors in New Zealand means the weather has a big impact on delays. But we always take these things into consideration to give you the most accurate building schedule possible to get you into your new home as quickly as possible. 


Before setting off on your building journey, it's best to understand the main options you have when it comes to building your first home; Land and home package, kitset homes and bespoke design and build. 

Home and Land packages 

This process is common for first time builders and becoming more and more popular across all residential construction as it offers you a set of personalised designs from a portfolio of designs which you can decide upon which best fits your lifestyle. Home and land packages give you the ability to customise finer details and finishing touches whilst saving on costs compared to bespoke builds and building time is generally much quicker. 

Home and Land package

Kitset Homes 

Kitset homes come ready to go. All the plans, prices and materials are predetermined so that you can select the home you like and the building is cheap and fast. 

Bespoke Design 

Fully customisable design process whereby you meet with an architect to discuss all of the aspects you want in your home including your plans for the future and how your home needs to best suit your lifestyle. This is a much more intricate approach to building and allows full flexibility throughout the design process. Hiring an architect is a more cost heavy approach but if you are looking for a home that meets all of your dreams and aspirations then Bespoke design is the way to go.    

Kitset homes
bespoke homes

Our Process

We know that whether you're building your first home or you've been through the building journey before, the early stages can be overwhelming with timelines, budgeting and a resource consent. It's important to seek advice from experts as well as family and friends that have built their own homes before. We utilise our 4 C's for success framework that ensures your designs, and inevitably your home is exactly what you planned for before. 

Architectural Services

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